Handbags and Purses Can Make or Break an Outfit

Handbags are a staple in any woman’s closet and they are the very best place to splurge!

Not only does one size fit all, a good luxury handbag might be used for several years and even handed down to younger generations. I can think of a purse my niece would want a little later on.

Women love handbags. The majority of us visualize our handbags and purses as an echo of our personality, and not simply as an item by which to carry our mobile phone, makeup, iPods, billfolds and so forth. When we add our favorite handbag, we make a fashion statement.

Designer Handbag

Many women are downright obsessed with the designer handbags. Enthralled are they that they must get the latest creations by their favorite designer as soon as they hit the stores. And these bags are manufactured in almost every color, material, pattern that you can imagine– many with designer looks.

You want the perfect designer handbag, but you don’t know how to go about it. Finding a top quality designer handbag can be a frustrating and difficult experience. I will give you a few suggestions in a little bit.

Many Styles And Designs

Just think of it: handbags come in so many styles: shoulder bags, totes, clutch bags, purse wallets, evening bags, mini bags, box purses, hipster handbags and more. And the colors– such an abundance of prints and colors it leaves your head spinning.


Some people call them purses, some call them handbag. You can choose a small purse, a medium one  or a big one, that will carry a lot. They come in a wide variety of styles such as shoulder bags, a top handle, a cross body,  or even a clutch

They are also are made of many different fabrics such as linen, leather, faux leather,  tapestry, canvas, cotton, crotchet, beads, straw among others.. One of the favorites for many is the Leather Purses.

Clutch Bag

if you don’t need to bring the all kinds of things, then a clutch bag is the answer for daily usage. They are usually small and light and will carry your essentials.


You can find iphone wallets, check book wallets, mini wallet, hand held wallets and more, made from a range of materials including cloth and vinyl fabric. Natural leather wallet purses are popular but any material works well for these. And there are many fashionable, affordable billfolds on the market place.

Tips For Shopping – What To Buy

When looking for handbags and purses, and you are at a store, you should typically try them before a mirror before procuring. The form and color scheme of the handbag a lady uses can make or break her ensemble.

If you are online, consider similar styles to what you all ready have or have seen before in stores and you thought you would like to purchase one.

If you’re going shopping for purses and handbags, also be sure you select those that enhance your personality and you’ll look ever so fashionable.

Identify What You Want

Here are some ideas to ask your self some things on choosing the most appropriate bag for you:

1. Are you searching for easygoing, simple or trendy?

2. Do you desire fashion, sensible, or convenience?

3. What dimension do you want it?

4. Will all of the things you pack with you fit?

5. Do you prefer variable straps or handles?

6. Do you prefer a purse for evening hours or day or both of these?

7. Do you have a color or texture in consideration?

8. What material or style do you desire?

9. Are you looking for a purse that will match all your outfits or just one?

10 Do you need to replace a bag and want much the same style?

Keep in mind as recommendation when shopping for your bag. Simple plain one-color handbags are easier to match but multi colored bags add flair, punch and coloring.

Other Things To Think About

Ask your loved ones about their personal choice on designer bags or purses in general. Not everybody will have the same assessment but it does help you to help make your own decision about what you like and choose. Plus they could provide you some insider advice about the good quality or certain manufacturer that they regard worthy for workmanship.

If you’re shapelier, a slight larger sized, rectangular shape bag might work for you. In the end look in front of the mirror with bag on your shoulder and you be the judge on how it looks on you. Or refer to the ones you all ready have, what shape looks best?

Time To Choose Your Handbag Or Purse

In the end whichever one you decide to buy,  remember your bag is a fashion accessory and be careful in selecting a color to match your outfits and colors of your wardrobe. Have some fun while doing so!

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