Authentic Designer Handbags As A Gift

Authentic Designer Handbags: Give Someone A Great Gift

Michael Kors HandbagEvery woman loves authentic designer handbags. Even if your mom or girlfriend always professes that she hates anything expensive, she may secretly yearn to own one of those fabulous designer bags. And some are moderately priced, so it can stay within your budget.

Of course she will never admit such thing to you, knowing how she had always bragged in the past that she can live without those things but if you give one of those authentic designer handbags for her birthday or for Christmas, she will definitely be thrilled. Why? People are usually lenient with rules during special occasions so your special person will more likely to bend the rules a little.

Choosing The Right Designer Handbag

Before you go shopping for handbags, it would be a good idea for you to snoop around their closet a little. You need to know what are inside her closet so that you can buy something that will match the colors of most of her clothes, shoes and accessories.

Check To See What They Have

There is really no point of buying her something that will look alien to the rest of her wardrobe so be sure that you know what she already has in her closet. See the example of the color palette with thesak purse. Choose a purse that will go with things she has.  If not sure, a good leather handbag will do the trick.

thesak purse with color palette.

How can you snoop around your mother’s or girlfriend’s closet without being caught? Well, you can always sneak around and take a peek at her closet when she is not looking. However, if she happens to be one of those people who are always orderly, she will always know that someone has been through her things so beware.

To avoid embarrassing yourself by being caught going behind their back, it would be a good idea for you to just observe what your special person usually wears when she goes to work or attend some functions. Pay close attention to her preferences when it comes to styles and colors of shoes, clothes and accessories so that you will have some ideas about the kind of things that she likes.

What Style Does She Like

Also note what sort of bag she usually uses – is it small, medium or large. Is it a clutch, a shoulder bag or a cross body bag for example. Personally I like some better than others and usually pick something medium size in purses or sometimes a clutch. There are also some very nice wallets out there as well as wallets that can carry a cell phone.

Another way to find out what your special someone likes in handbags and accessories is to take her shopping with you. Ask her to help you look at authentic designer handbag that you can use for work and for special occasions. Take note of the ones she likes, comments on or touches during these shopping expeditions and then you will have a better idea.

Then Go Shopping

You can then either shop online and find a discount, or shop at your local stores and find just the right gift.