Buy a Coach Handbag And Go In Style

Coach Small Christie Carryall – click on handbag to read more, this is from Amazon.


Buy a Coach Handbag And Go In Style

coach handbagAn interesting fact is that the first Coach bag was inspired by observing the qualities of the leather of a baseball glove. Maybe that’s why Coach handbags remain among women’s favorite in a classic style quality bag. And certainly Coach is a very recognized name in purses.

Coach Leather Handbags

So women who pursue designer handbags want a leather handbag from them as part of their bag collection. When the new line comes out each year, Coach bags are among the top choice of handbag lovers.

This is because the handbags are created with high standards and materials. You will have a choice among Coach hobo handbags, purses and wallets. Don’t forget all the other accessories such as shoes, cosmetic cases, travel items and more that Coach now makes.

The Signature Stripe Collection Tote Bag

In addition they have taken the tote one step further by creating The Signature Stripe Collection Tote Bag. It can include your monogram, making it your own. This is remarkable: it is reversible with a pocket on the outside, so you’ll have two Coach Signature handbags at the price of one.

Price Of Handbags

Costs? These bags start out at a hundred dollars and up. But look around and you can find discounted Coach handbags You can look around in one of the many Coach stores many of which are in shopping malls. There are also Coach outlet stores where there is a wide selection of bags and you can get some at a discounted price.

coach handbag
COACH Women’s Turnlock Edie Dk/Dusty Rose Handbag – click on handbag to see more.

Knock Offs

When we talk about getting a designer handbag, we also need to mention the problem with knock offs. That is just a part of life today.

Coach has a great reputation for using premier leather to make their handbags, and charge accordingly, so it would happen that others are imitating them. And it happens to other higher priced designers of handbags as well.

Often people will try to pass these off on online stores but some online stores are ok. Shopping at makes getting an authentic one a little easier as the customers who buy then comment on the bags about quality, color and whether them liked them or not.

Handbags are such an important fashion accessory. So if you love handbags and have discriminating taste, I am sure you would love to have a Coach handbag.