Authentic Designer Handbags Or A Replica?

An Authentic Designer Handbag Or A Fake?

One particular issue that is concerning to many is the sites claiming to have the lowest priced designer luxury handbags. You will need to verify that they are authentic designer handbags or knock-offs.

kate spade shoulder bag
Kate Spade Leather Shoulder Bag – click on bag to learn more about it.

Many top quality handbags are often copied and after that sold to unsuspecting potential customers as originals. It might be very difficult to tell from a picture whether or not an item is really an authentic.

It may take some analysis and visiting the famous designers own websites to discover what products they are selling. Go back and check to see about the products being displayed for sale at a discount price. This can give the individual an idea of what companies are making and at what pricing they are offering the items for.

If you are shopping online, such places as, it can be easier. (My Handbag store comes from the Amazon listings).

Take a look at the handbag you want to purchase and then go towards the bottom of the page and read the customer comments and reviews. The customers have purchased product and had them in hand to make an inspection of the bag.

Watch the Video below for specific tips on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton Monogram bag.